Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive?

It’s a good idea to arrive around 10-15 minutes early so you’ll have time to grab a cup of coffee before heading into the auditorium to find your seat. If it’s your first time visiting us, and you have children, it’s a good idea to give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to get your children checked in to Passion Kids for the first time.

Where do I park?

As you pull into our drive, you’ll see our flags down by the street, and the Passion Parking Team will assist and direct you. Due to the unique layout of our parking lot, you may need to park a little ways from the building. In that event, our parking team will be there to assist you and give you a ride right to the doors in our golf cart!

What should I wear?

We invite you to come as you are, whether it’s in a suit, shorts, or even cargo pants (maybe). Our members and regular attenders tend to dress pretty casual.

How long is the service?

Our worship experiences typically last about an hour. We start by singing 3-4 songs, then the speaker preaches. If you want to hear our preaching style, you can listen to past sermons here.

What Bible version is used?

We use a combination of translations including the ESV, NIV, and some others, but our pastor typically preaches using the NIV. Bring whatever you have, and if you don’t have a Bible, we’d love to give you one!

What if I have a newborn?

No worries! Infants are always welcome in Passion Kids, but we understand if you’d rather have your baby with you. They won’t bother us!

Can I come if I’m ____________?

Fill in the blank with whatever fear you have about not being accepted: divorced, a single parent, broke, a recovering addict, gay, transgender, atheist, skeptic, etc. Everyone is welcome at Passion. So come as you are, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

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