“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4 ESV)

“Dad, where’s that (fill any toy in the blank)?” This is a question my wife and I get on a daily basis. If you have children you know this all to well. We go through a list of places it could be, and while looking something else catches their eye and the original toy is forgotten. Hours, days, or weeks later they come across that special toy when they weren’t even looking for it. This same thing happens when it comes to happiness.

King Solomon was a man who had EVERYTHING! He was the wisest and wealthiest king the world has ever known. He did us a favor by seeking after happiness in every possible way and keeping track of the results in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Seriously, read it. He sought happiness in:

Knowledge (Ecclesiastes 1:13), pleasure (Ecclesiastes 2:1), excessive alcohol, accomplishments, wealth (Ecclesiastes 5:10), sex, and work/business.

He calls all of these things “broken cisterns that do not hold water.” He said chasing happiness in these things was like trying to capture the wind. His final conclusion is that the only way to find happiness is to serve God. He calls everything else vanity.

You see, happiness is an interesting ideal. It is one of the few things that can only be found by looking to something else. Greg Laurie describes it this way: “When we seek holiness, we will find happiness. When we seek righteousness, we will become happy people because our will is aligned with the will of God as we walk in harmony with Him. The rest of life will then find the proper balance.”

Personal Reflection

In what people, places, or things I am seeking happiness?
Have any of these things ever made me completely happy or are they broken cisterns?


Lord, please forgive me for seeking happiness in the temporary pleasures of this world. Help me to break the chains they have on my life! Help me to first seek after the things of God and I trust you will help me to find happiness there. God, allow my happiness to draw others to you. Please use me to reveal yourself to them. I pray that even now you are preparing people to place in my life for this purpose. Amen.